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Gravity Waves

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Gravity waves have been speculated to exist ever since Einstein set a speed limit to the universe, the speed of light. When Newton came up with the gravitational force equation, it only considered mass and distance when calculating the force. It did not take into account that if one mass disappeared, then that information of the force leaving would surpass the speed of light. Einstein said this was not possible and there had to be a speed at which the difference in gravity traveled. When LIGO detected the first gravity waves in 2015, the experiment was groundbreaking. It proved that Einstein was right and Newton was wrong.

I am excited to see the implementation of the new knowledge that we have about the universe in the future. Will this somehow open doors for someone to make new theories, or will we just go on about our days the same as before?


2 thoughts on “Gravity Waves

  1. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Einstein was right and Newton was wrong. We still use Newton’s force of gravity equation in physics and astronomy. Einstein improved upon Newton’s theory just like a future scientist will improve upon Einstein’s work. Also, every test of Einstein’s theory has proven Einstein correct. Sadly, Einstein didn’t win the Nobel for General Relativity. He only one the Nobel for the photoelectric effect.


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