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Dwarf Perspective

Source: NASA

There are many celestial bodies in the Kuiper Belt. One notable object is a dwarf planet named Makemake. This dwarf planet was one of the objects NASA used to demote Pluto from its previous planet status down to dwarf planet status. NASA wasn’t aware of other bodies that looked like Pluto, and when they found more, they could categorize Pluto and Makemake better. This dwarf planet is reddish in color, lacking of an atmosphere, smaller than Pluto, and has an even smaller moon associated with it. Hopefully we can make more discoveries of bodies within the Kuiper Belt range and further.


One thought on “Dwarf Perspective

  1. I think it is so cool that even planets that far away that have little to no atmospheres yet have moons around them, which may not be perfectly sphercial like ours, but still could have a huge impact on the planet like our moon with the tides.


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